*The application has been closed. Thank you very much for many applications.

Terms and Conditions

Submission of Work

Please apply using the application form available on the website.
For details on how to apply, please refer to "8. Size, Format, etc." For collaborative works, please fill in the representative's information (phone number, email ddress, etc.) on the application form, and write the name(s) of your collaborator(s) (nicknames are accepted) in the remarks column.

Period to submit your work: From August 1st to September 30 in 2021.

*Due to the spread of COVID-19, in principle, all applications should be made from the website.
Please do not bring your work to the museum. We do not accept direct applications.

*Please contact the Executive Committee if you are from a school, etc., and would like to apply by class or group.

Size, Format, etc.

(1) Painting Work

  • You are free to use any type of paper (support), orientation (vertical/horizontal), and technique.
  • Please take a picture of your work without frames, etc. in a bright place and make sure that there is no shadow, or scan using a scanner.
    (Digital illustrations, graphic designs, etc. are also accepted.)
    Please adjust the brightness of your work if it's too dark, and trim out any background other than your work.

(2) Photography Work

  • You are free to decide the color, shade (black & white), and orientation (vertical/horizontal) of your work, but a multiple photos is not accepted.
  • Please scan and convert physical photo prints into digital data.


  • Please submit the data in either "jpg" or "png" format. The size should be 10MB or less.
  • Selected works will be displayed on a panel and exhibited at the venue during the period.
    Please note that the colors and quality may differ.


The selection of Excellent Works will be conducted from mid-October to early November 2021.
The selection will be conducted fairly by the Selection Committee members decided by the Executive Committee.
We will not respond to any claim in terms of decision of the judging committee.
And, we cannot make any responses to an objection to our judgement, nor to a request for explanation of our judgement and its result.

*Those whose work has been selected will be notified via the contact information in the application form.

Important issues for application

Applicants to our Art Festival shall agree with the following important issues:

(1) Agreement from parents/guardians with your application
Parental consent is required for applicants under the age of 16.

(2) Exhibition / Display of Works
All works will be exhibited in "Niihama SDGs Art Festival 2021" special website.

(3) Copyright
Please submit your work, only after getting permission to use any portraits, characters, music, images, sounds, et cetera featured in your work. If someone appeals a violation of these rights, we may revoke prizes even after publicizing the judgement results. We, as the festival organizer, are also not liable for any responsibility. We consider any rights (including copyrights) belong to the applicant, except for music and image resources for which the applicants do not have any rights.

(4) Photography in the venue
Photography is allowed in the venue during the exhibition period at the Citizens Gallery.

(5) Use of submitted works for advertisement
Applicants consent to allowing us to use their works (reuse’in the case of video image) for advertisement activities and r events elevant to the Art Festival.

(6) Cost for application
We, as an organizer, will not bear any cost for the production and the transportation of any work.
Internet connection fees and communication fees incurred during the application are to be borne by the applicant.

Inappropriate Work for Our Festival

Works may be barred from acceptance or have prizes revoked if they are deemed inappropriate, even after judgements have been made.

  • In the case of works or titles which duplicates or copies (including coloring in a picture) copyrighted works such as anime, manga, and characters, specific people such as idols, and existing work (including illustrations and photographs)
  • Works that include indecent expression and/or content.
  • Works that violats a law or risk violating a law.
  • A prize-winning work that is identical or recognized as considerably similar to a previously presented/published work.
  • Any works that are judged as inappropriate for our festival by us.

Dealing with Personal Information

We expend all possible attention in dealing with the personal information on the application form. The personal information provided by applicants is limited to use for the following purposes:

  • To contact with applicants regarding works and/or prize-winning, providing information and follow-up inquiry from us.
  • The name (nickname) and age written in the application form of those selected will be published on the website and publication materials.