The "Niihama SDGs Art Festival 2021" which will be held in December 2021 in Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture, is a web based public exhibition organized by the Niihama City Museum of Art towards the realization of a sustainable society post-COVID-19.

The Work for Submission

Please choose one goal among the seventeen goals of SDGs as the theme of your work. Express what you imagine, think, or feel in terms of your selected through an original planar work (painting or Photography). The work should be the original work of the applicant and will not be accepted if it has already been displayed in t any other exhibit,

Types of Work to be Submitted: (1) Painting Work   (2) Photography Work

Eligibility / Who can apply?

You can apply regardless of your nationality and age (collaborative works are also accepted).

Number of works: How many works can you submit?

One work per applicant or group.

Participation Fee and Prizes

Participation is free of charge. Prizes (Amazon Gift Card) will be given to excellent works selected.

*Main Awards for Excellent Works
Best Prize
Award for Excellence
Commemorative Award (Hirose Saihei Commemorative Award, Iba Teigo Commemorative Award, Washio Kageji Commemorative Award, Suzuki Masaya Commemorative Award, Shiraishi Takajiro Commemorative Award, Manabe Hiroshi Commemorative Award)

Exhibition / Display of Works

All works will be exhibited in "Niihama SDGs Art Festival 2021" special website.

Excellent Works will be displayed and introduced on a display panel, etc. at the Niihama City Museum of Art (Akagane Museum) People's Gallery from December 4th, 2021 - January 16th, 2022. Web viewing and online exhibition will also be conducted at the venue.

"Niihama SDGs Art Festival 2021" special website